It’s been well over a year since we’ve heard a new Doctor P original, and it’s been absolute agony waiting. I’m happy to say that the wait is over, as Circus Records and Doctor P present “Bubblehead.”

Distancing himself from his original style of tunes (circa 2009-2012), Doctor P began a transitional period in his career and sound right around the time of “The Pit,” though you could conceivably trace it back to Animal Vegetable Mineral, Pt 1, and can be most clearly heard in his previously most recent tune, “Going Gorillas.”

In an interview with Sensible Reason in May earlier this year, Doctor P said, “The whole scene has moved into a more trappy direction but I just didn’t. Luckily I’m still here…”

In a separate interview with SF Rave Area that same month, he said, “Lots of producers started making a lot of house and trap when [those genres] came about, but those two styles have never really been my thing, so I decided not to go down that route.”

It seems that his resistance finally broke, though, because this is pretty clearly house with trap influences.

The tune uses a repetitive vocal sample, and synths that sound like pitched airhorns, with a gritty and rough bassline. The percussion is bouncy and keeps the track light and on its feet, but it’s a pretty shallow party track overall. Still, sometimes, that’s exactly what’s needed.

Check out the track below, and follow the link at the bottom to grab your own copy.

Doctor P will likely have an EP out before the end of 2015. For now, you can purchase “Bubblehead” here.