While it’s always fun to get wild under the weight of a hyphy bass-line, we have a very real love for music with a message; especially with the overwhelming amount of tunes out there completely lacking in content these days. If you feel the same, you’ll definitely want to check out this new video from Lafa Taylor, a singer, rapper, and producer based in California.

Fresh off his recent collaboration with Bassnectar, ‘Not One Thing’ is the title track from Lafa‘s latest LP and carries a light-hearted yet deep message about not classifying yourself and others; don’t box yourself in! To really drive the point home, the video’s setting and color scheme is constantly changing, with Lafa appearing as three different versions of himself: an iced-out gangsta, an over-the-top nerd, and a supremely swagged out business man. Unsurprisingly, the production is also top notch;┬áthe beat is reminiscent of The Polish Ambassador‘s bright, airy style, sitting somewhere between EDM and R&B-tinged hip-hop. Check out the full video for ‘Not One Thing’ after the jump and prepare to think outside the box!


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Diggin’ the video and hungry for more content? Never fear! This is only the beginning of a weekly series called Magic Mondays that Lafa will be personally curating; so, expect a new track, freestyle, dance, or something completely unexpected next week. And on top of that, this video is also the unofficial announcement for the upcoming Not One Thing tour, featuring Lafa as the tri-personality he displays on camera. More info on that is below, so check it out and enjoy the music.

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