If you’ve heard of Dirtybird Records, you already know that they maintain an incessant overflow of unique talent in the world of house. LA-native Justin Jay is a perfect example of this, as he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of a normally stagnant genre. His upcoming release, titled Mom, I Graduated!, aptly exemplifies his ceaseless drive to preserve an undeniable knack for originality.

The opening track “Hit It” doesn’t take long to get your body grooving, as it kicks off with a deep growl layered over a punchy sub-bass. Double claps cause you to raise an eyebrow, while you drool in anticipation for the drop that’s about to come. A chopped up vocal sample comes barging in, with a newly distorted percussion pattern causing you to uncontrollably tap your feet. With Justin’s versatile exhibition of a booming sub and satisfying vocals, it honestly seems impossible to sit still for this breakdown.

While the final track may only be a preview, it’s pretty apparent that it’s bound to be a certified classic as well. Embodying a mystical tribal ambience, “Rain Dance” reminds you why you got into house music in the first place. This summer anthem certainly spares no expense on the dance-centric groove, as it spotlights a pingy xylophone that seems to be revealing itself as a house mainstay.

Justin Jay just graduated from University of Southern California, so keep an eye on him for this last half of 2015. With more time to focus on music production, I’m sure he’ll be pumping out distinctive tracks like the ones below.