Before Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen formed Knife Party, the two recorded and performed with legendary electronic band Pendulum. Accompanied by fellow members El Hornet, KJ Sawka, and Peredur ap Gwynedd, Pendulum gained worldwide recognition and even provided opening support for bands like Linkin Park. The group ultimately went their separate ways in 2011, with El Hornet continuing the project as a solo DJ act. Four years later, Swire and McGrillen have reunited with El Hornet for a very special performance.

A Pendulum DJ set was scheduled for a set at V Festival in England on August 22, and the Pendulum Twitter page lead up to the performance by teasing appearances from Swire and McGrillen. The Knife Party Twitter page mysteriously tweeted that its members were at the festival, but not scheduled for a Knife Party set. Minutes before Pendulum’s set started, Swire revealed that he was joining Pendulum on stage for the first time in four years. Pendulum’s Twitter page followed Swire’s tweet up by posting a picture of Swire, McGrillen, and El Hornet on stage together at the festival.

This reunion comes after Swire announced late last year that a new Pendulum album was in the works. It remains to be seen whether or not the group debuted new music at this set, but we will update this post as more information comes out. Check out the tweets below:

Check out a fan video of part of their performance together below!

TARANTULA! #pendulum

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