Zac Efron’s new movie, We Are Your Friends, has been met with mixed reactions since its announcement. While most in the EDM scene feel the actor is inadequate for the role, the movie is still moving forward and Zac is getting help from some of the industry’s best. In a recent interview with Thump, Zac talked about the upcoming movie and what his thoughts were on approaching to play the role:

I was aware in the mainstream sense of what was popular and accessible. I didn’t really delve deep into all the different genres. I could tell you the difference between dubstep, reggae, and house, but on a basic level, I couldn’t name too many DJs.

In order to get ready for his position in the new film, Zac Efron took private DJ lessons from Alesso so he could better understand what it’s like to be a DJ:

Alesso showed me how to really feel the music and get the crowd pumped up. When he transitions tracks, he jumps up in the air. On the decks it’s just a twist [of a knob], but he turns it into an event. You just have fun and do a show. That shows the audience that you’re into it.

After his lessons with Alesso, Zac spent several hours practicing and refining the skill of DJing. Although modern DJing itself is not rocket science, it was crucial that he could perform, not just act like he could.

I would get so lost and tired I would pass out—there’s a lot of math going on with matching BPMs!

There is a lot more to DJing then just counting beats, Zac. Hopefully you learn that before the movie releases.

You can watch the We Are Your Friends official trailer below:

Source: Thump