Leave it to Fox News to start a controversy. The news outlet recently investigated Moms Who Rave, an Instagram page dedicated to mothers who enjoy attending EDM festivals, concerts, and raves. Fox News interviewed a woman named Nicole, a 32-year-old mother of two who runs the New York City-based spin-off Instagram group momswhoravenyc. Nicole vouched for the validity of the groups, comparing the act of going to a concert to a regular couple’s night out.

Fox News took aim at the idea of taking drugs at these events, which Nicole admitted to doing on occasion. However, she revealed that she started the momswhoravenyc page to promote safe raving and responsibility for mothers who want to attend EDM events. Fox News also interviewed a ER physician named Dr. Robert Glatter, who argued that moms attending these events set a negative example for their children. The report ultimately concluded with Nicole saying that while attending these events isn’t likely the best activity for mothers to partake in, it’s not the most dangerous activity if a mother stays responsible.

We agree with Nicole, and believe that any group dedicated to promoting safe raving deserves a round of applause. Watch the Fox News report below: