Another Dillon Francis remix? Yes, please!

A few days ago, the comical producer and DJ revealed his latest production on a new remix. He takes on the hard-hitting, electro bomber “Imperium” from French sensation Madeon.

The last time we heard of Dillon Francis remixing Madeon was sometime in 2012 with a track called “Finale”, which was a massive song at the time. But unlike the “Finale” remix, Dillon’s remix of “Imperium” takes an unexpected moombah-electro direction. Even though Madeon’s original melodies and sounds are left the way they were, Dillon delivers his flavor of production through a barrage of plucks and a new groove of drums. Although the remix hits an odd note with a xylophone version of the melody, the “Imperium” remix is filled with two ferociously differing drops that make this remix as powerful as some of the other remixes Dillon Francis released this year.

Riding perfectly with the latest Dillon Francis EP This Mixtape Is Fire, this remix will be available for purchase everywhere on August 28th. But until then, stream the track below and let us know what you think of it.