I. Love. Switch ups.

When done correctly, they add an incredible amount of variety to a track that keeps it fresh and keeps the replay value up at all times. Do it with the right sounds, and it becomes a timeless tune that exemplifies that switch up, something that someone will refer to when asked, “Hey, do you know anything that goes from trap to DnB?”

Yes, I do…

Grabbitz has been on a hot-streak as of late, with massive releases from Monstercat and a healthy touring schedule. However, a producer’s job is never done. Even on the road, songs must be created as an outlet for the massive minds of the creatives, and “Get Ya Body Down” is straight out of the mind of a genius. (Even the little things like the sped-up tempo on the vocals in the drum n bass section, pure genius.)

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Grabbitz also has a new EP coming out on Monstercat next month, so be sure to keep an eye out!