Future Classic is responsible for a number of EDM superstars these days, with the Australian label releasing music from such talents as FlumeChet Faker, and Cashmere Cat. The label still highlights a number of up-and-coming producers, and their latest star pair goes by the name of Kenton Slash Demon. In addition to having probably the coolest name in EDM history, this Denmark-based duo just released a new EP by the name of Harpe/Syko.

The former of those tracks, Harpe, released as a single and received a well-directed music video to boot. The track itself melds a classic house beat and rhythm with high-pitched vocal splices commonly associated with Future Classic releases. The fusion makes a strong case for the blending of the genres, and the hazy vocal sample never grows tiring and only more catchy as the track progresses. The accompanying music video evokes a bittersweet tone, full of somber shots of people dancing and smiling. The best part? The people in the video look like normal people, not the typical music video actor fare.

Listen to Kenton Slash Demon’s “Harpe” and watch its music video below: