Everyone has been fighting for years over which Calvin Harris remix is the best. With a treasure trove of possible contenders out there, it can be very hard to narrow the list down to 10. Although many have tried, the lists created will never compare to one made by the artist himself.

Recently released on Spotify and Apple Music, Calvin Harris has compiled a playlist of 10 tracks reflecting what he believes to be his best remixes from over the years. Including artists such as Empire Of The Sun, Passion Pit, The Killers and more, the compilation is a representation of Calvin’s favorites.

Yes, the list includes several good ones, but were some of the best ones left of the list? absolutely. Most likely, these remixes were chosen just from the licensed and official remix list, which totally excludes all the unauthorized bootlegs or remixes created solely for his live performances.

Regardless, you can check out Calvin Harris’ supposed favorite list below.
Note: For whatever reason, the Spotify playlist contains one extra song compared to the top 10 you can find on his Apple Music page here: Calvin Harris’ Top 10 Remixes on Apple Music