Fresh from the teat of Big & Dirty Records comes Nick Double & Rowen Reecks with “Elephant.” Aptly named, get ready for a chunky bass house tune with more than a few surprises.

Hitting off with an overpowered kick, the uptempo house progresses into a bit of breakbeat before culminating in a colossal jam. Employing a bobbling melody and viscous synth wafers, the breakdowns aren’t anywhere near what you’d expect, and the fuzzy sub-bass in the bridge is another welcome oddity, injecting even more character into this already spritely track. There’s even a bit of steel drum and a twinge of bounce tucked amongst the madness, but you’ll have to find that on your own. Overall, “Elephant” is one solid production, available now via Beatport.

Nick Double | Soundcloud/Facebook/Twitter

Rowen Reecks | Soundcloud/Facebook/Twitter