Well here’s a story you don’t hear every day. In Melbourne, Australia, a law student has filed a lawsuit against Cookie and Rooftop, a local bar/club, for alleged sexism against males. According to the student whose name is Joshua Findley, the venue reportedly practiced “Gender Discrimination” to deny him and his friends entry into the club, the lawsuit has been filed with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which deals with disputes about discrimination and consumer affairs.

Joshua claims that he and his 3 friends, 2 guys and a girl, were denied entry when the bouncer informed them that “there were too many guys in their group”:

The bouncer explicitly said there were too many guys in our group. There is no doubt that had we all been female, we would have been let in… My friends and I were planning on a good night at Cookie (beer hall). Due to discrimination this was not allowed to happen.”

The venue, however, had a different story. Grant Gould, the venue’s manager, claimed that after reviewing the security footage, the group was denied entry due to the fact that they appeared to be too intoxicated:

“I have viewed the CCTV footage and a number of male patrons do indeed gain entry,” Gould said. “It’s evident males were not being subject to any alleged discrimination.”

According to the original report by the Herald Sun, Joshua and his friends lodged affidavits stating they were not drunk and with the tribunal meeting set for November, the verdict will be dealt after both parties review the footage in front of the tribunal.

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