Deadmau5 has always been known for his anti-plur antics. From bashing the term “EDM” to trolling the genre’s top DJs, Deadmau5 has made his stance on the current electronic scene very clear. That’s why the video uploaded by Fantastical Gamer is utterly and beautifully perfect.

At one of his recent shows, Deadmau5 was pelted by a barrage of glow sticks right in the middle of his set. After taking off his helmet, fans in the crowd began throwing glow sticks at the DJ as he was mixing his live set:

“Fucking stop throwing glow sticks at me!!!” -Deadmau5 

After asking the crowd to stop, the barrage only intensified. As a rain of PLUR inspired glow sticks rained down upon the scene’s favorite troll, one cannot help but laugh as Joel is completed distracted from mixing to the point he has to stop mid-set.

Deadmau5 then proceeds to ask the crowd to get it out of their system and taunts them to throw as many as they can. After such comment, the meteor shower of glow sticks descended upon the artist in the most epic of fashions.

You can watch the spectacle begin around 4:45 in the video below: