Martin Garrix always delivers an epic performance. From the main stage of Ultra to Sziget and everywhere in between, the teen-aged DJ/producer is a wonderful showman. That’s why, with a mysterious tweet, he has set one of the biggest countries in the world ablaze with conversation over when he will make his glorious return.

Yes, we’re talking about India, the second biggest country in the world – next to China (who isn’t particularly fond of dance music culture). As one of the most prolific markets in EDM today and one that every major act is tapping into, it’s no surprise that the youngster plans on smashing stages there as well. Although we eagerly await more details regarding the prince of EDM’s expected showing, no doubt remains that he will quickly sell-out whatever venue he decides to take on, whether it be an individual concert or a festival of incredible size.

H/T The Bangin Beats