A group of interior architecture students from the Estonian Academy of Arts recently constructed three oversized, wooden megaphones in the middle of RMK’s Pähni Nature Center to amplify the sound of the surrounding forest. The conical structures are three meters in diameter and can hold several people inside of them. They can be used for everything from private meditation to public concerts or readings.


Interior architect Hannes Praks described the effect as such:

We’ll be placing the three megaphones at such a distance and at a suitable angle, so at the centre of the installation, sound feed from all three directions should create a unique merged surround sound effect


Guests in this nature park can spend the night for free in these megaphones, or simply visit to enjoy the heightened echoes of the environment around them. Author on Estonian culture Valdur Mikita describes the installment as,

A place to listen, to browse the audible book of nature – there hasn’t really been a place like that in Estonia before.

megaphone_05-youredmWatch a short video below that details the creation of these structures and their inhabitance among the trees.