Prepare yourselves, lovers of weird and wonky bass music; this may be the most massive Saturate! Records release we’ve seen this year. UK born & Shanghai based badman, Conrank, pulled no punches for the Ma Fan EP and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

When translated from Chinese, Ma Fan (麻 烦) means something akin to ‘trouble’; and if the question is how to categorize Conrank‘s one-of-a-kind style, you’ll have some trouble indeed. Throughout the 8 original tracks that make up the bulk of the release, you’ll experience a cohesive blend of grime, trap, juke, and even Chinese folk music. It all somehow meshes together perfectly to form a sonic palette that sounds like it was spat out of a black hole; otherworldly blips and beeps flit between waves of sub-bass as errant drum patters clatter like colliding comets. We’re especially pleased to see a VIP edition of ‘Exhale Therapy’, a collaboration with the legendary DJ Shadow. The track is absolutely bonkers, and it’s far from the only collaboration Ma Fan boasts. Mad ZachStylust BeatsMessy MC and more all make appearances along the course of the EP, along with insane remixes from Bleep BloopStarkeySoulspeak, and Johnathan Thomas.

Take it from us, you do not want to be caught sleeping on this release. The full stream of Conrank‘s Ma Fan EP can be found after the jump, and the EP itself is available exclusively via the Saturate! RecordsBandcamp, so grab yourself a copy while it’s still hot off the presses.


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