Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, producer Blanda has been quietly making a name for himself through his unique and soulful creations. Drawing outspoken and clear inspiration from the current wave of hybrid hip hop/jazz/R&B/trap artists, Blanda is able to both rest confidently among them and stand out as an individual via his uncompromising musical ideas and approach to production. His latest release comes in the form of an original titled “Anxiety.” A wonderful and fluid amalgam of many different styles, it appears to be his best work yet. The track is currently up for free download on his Bandcamp.

It begins with warm organ chords, soft guitar plucks and a distant backdrop of falling rain. A steady and straightforward hip hop rhythm enters the space, keeping pace for the evolving layers of ethereal sounds and atmospheres in front. After several loops, the elements are stripped away leaving only heavy reverberation and a rumbling bass. A short snare pattern and screeching swell suddenly transform the track into a brooding and sub-heavy trap beat with distinct vocal chops and a relentless lead synth. A brief but complex jazz solo is soon played out in front of high pitched organ tones, until a second grimy section is introduced. A sharp blip is thrown around the mix on top of a simmering bass line, ending with a reemergence of cascading trills and slow guitar licks into a delicate piano ballad.

Download the track for free here!