For a grand pull of the readers who scroll down the news stories and music articles on YourEDM, this may be the first time many of you get to here music from this Chicago producer and musician. However, this isn’t the exhibition showcase of a total rookie. Rather we are listening to tracks constructed by someone who has been active in making music since he was four years old.

Picking up the drums as his instrument of choice, Cofresi went on to play with names like Gramatik, Cherub, Earphunk, and was the main drummer for ProbCause. After harnessing is craft for the last fifteen years, Cofresi decided to make a sound of his own. From there, the world got an early peak at his musical innovation with the two-track AvantSuede EP. He also gained traction with many singles outside the extended play with “Fuk’m”, “Bellanova”, and “Velvet” that explored this artist’s versatility.

After his last single, however, Cofresi embarked on his most ambitious project to date. With five brand new tunes, the world welcomes his Nuveau EP that grooves and sways in its own way. One of the new tracks from the EP titled “Smok’n” embodies Cofresi’s “future” sounding material and his development up until now. Compared to the other four tracks on the EP, “Smok’n” has a jolly aesthetic that you can hear in it’s high-pitch melody as it bounces between the kicks and claps. As more instrumentation enters the fray, vocal chops get a sweet teaser just before synths and bass roll on top of each other to create an ethereal taste in my mouth. In a manner similar to the track “Sculpted” by Haywyre, “Smok’n” sonically bounces around the listener and then strikes with concentrated rhythm and vibrant bass lines.

Here’s what Cofresi himself had to say on the creative process behind his latest innovations:

“Nuveau is a major stepping stone for me creatively, sonically and technically. The EP is comprised of all original synths, custom percussion racks, resampled world instruments and chopped & screwed vocal elements. Essentially, I wanted to create something authentic and unique while also staying relevant to current state of futurebass and modern production as a whole. I definitely feel like I’ve achieved that and learned an immense amount of skill and artistic confidence along the way. I love playing all these songs live and I can’t wait for people to listen and discover this music for themselves. At the same time, this was a major learning process for me and I’ve emerged a much more confident and versatile producer. This is still just the beginning and I can’t to show you all what’s next.”

Make sure to check out the rest of the EP below and let us know what you think. Also keep in mind that the EP is free to download via Bandcamp here.