Everyone hold onto your hats, because we’ve got a big one coming today. The king of Melbourne Bounce, Will Sparks, has been hibernating in the studio for the last few months now putting together something special for this year’s festival season, and a few weeks ago, we got our first peek at what he has in store via his new collaboration with Luciana, “Sick Like That.”

With three months left in the year, Sparks has promised to deliver a long line of releases with diverse collaborators to close out 2015 strong, and “Sick Like That” was the first tune of the group. Colossal kick drums are paired with glitchy, distorted synth riffs to make “Sick Like That” a quintessential festival anthem for the ages.

To celebrate the release of “Sick Like That,” the Melbourne native has put together an outside-the-box, old school video game-esque lyric video for the track, so you can sing along. You can check out the video below. “Sick Like That” is available to buy or stream here.