It’s not often that we can say an EDM artist is setting new trends when it comes to innovative marketing for major music releases, but then again, it isn’t often that Avicii releases an album.

His sophomore effort, an incredible one at that which I scored a remarkable 9/10, just got an upgrade with the reveal of an intricately designed, Instagram-fueled marketing campaign. Holding true to the LP’s name, Stories, the Swede and his team have assembled a click-through interactive game (of sorts) via Instagram – and we can’t get enough.

It begins as such…

“After enslaving the human race Dr. Hush has banned all music and brainwashed the population into mindless zombies.

You are Avicii and your mission is to infiltrate Dr. Hush’s broadcasting station, and play the last remaining song in the world to awaken the people…”

Now, we don’t want to spoil the fun for our readers, so below you will find the first link to embark on your own story and from there you’re on your own! Click the button and follow the resultant tag to begin.

1. Tap anywhere on the image 2. Press the pop-up tag to continue

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