Today, Axwell Λ Ingrosso unveiled a preview of a brand new original titled “This Time.” Shown with a graphically stunning music video, the 50-second clip begins with a harsh, foreboding vocal loop distorted until it sounds robotic. A sharp pierce of electro synth sits in front of a simple percussion arrangement, until a blast of horns brings it forward into the drop. The synths are now spread wide across the mix, weighted down a heavy and continual kick drum. Right before it cuts, a new vocalist throws out the name of the track.

The official release of “This Time” will be accompanied by a pop-up art installment down the main street of Amsterdam. According to someone involved in the production, the installment will feature a large crowd in trees singing along to the track in bird song.

Axwell Λ Ingrosso’s team is also proud to announce that all proceeds from online song purchases will be going to the UNHCR, a charity fund dedicated to helping children who have been impacted by the current refugee crisis.

Listen to the preview below.