Favulous doesn’t need to be introduced. One of the most promising producers to emerge from Italy, being from Milan, the young star to-be’s “No Diggity” made a huge splash, and his latest “Jenny From The Block” is just as big. It speaks of his experience and meteoric rise to success, as well as the promising future ahead of him.

Stream his massive essential mix on SoundCloud, which transcends genre and technique in the span of a high-energy hour; and be sure to grab your free copy of “Jenny From The Block” here. While you listen, check out the interview below, too. Favulous sat down with us for an eye-opening discussion about his come up and also delves into what’s next for his promising career.

Tell us a little bit about the goodies in this mix, which songs are you digging most right now?

I love the way music is constantly changing nowadays, this industry is getting stronger everyday. In this mix I put some tracks I was recently feeling; I’d like to spend some words for the upcoming duo Novka, they are making really dope music atm, and I featured their new unreleased track in this mix.

You’ve released tracks for free, like your latest “Jenny From The Block,” but you’ve also done some work for Spinnin’ Records. Can you let us in on future plans regarding label releases and tell us a bit about what’s coming next from you?

I’m really satisfied with the tracks I’ve been releasing this year, the success every single track has got is insane. I’m working right now on two big collaborations I can’t reveal, but I can tell you that one is with a dutch producer signed with Spinnin’ Records / Music All Stars, and the other one is with an artist that this year made a song with Jack Ü. Expect straight fire from me in the next months.

Tell us about your background. When did you first start producing and DJing, respectively? Where are you from? Who are some of your inspirations?

I was born and raised in Italy, in a city near Milan called Genoa. I started producing just for fun when I was thirteen with FL Studio (that I still use), and DJing at the age of fifteen with a pretty cool setup formed by Ableton Live + 2 Launchpads + Xone k2, inspired by Madeon.

I grew up with old school American hip hop, but it was the new fresh sound by the Italians Crookers and The Bloody Beetroots in 2007 that completely change my way to see electronic music (I was just 12-years-old haha). Of course listening to a lot of Justice and Daft Punk music helped me too to develop my musical taste.

“No Diggity” is your most well-known track, but you have a ton of releases. What’s your personal favorite?

Yeah, ‘No Diggity’ is definitely my well-known track; honestly I don’t have a personal favorite, my favorite track of mine is the new one I release every time.

How has growing up in Italy influenced your music and career? Do you have any desire to move to countries with larger EDM scenes like the US or Netherlands?

Living in Italy didn’t help me much with my music, there is no meritocracy in this country, it’s almost all about the contacts and the friend in the industry you have (with some exceptions of course). I went to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to meet my new management, it was the first time in the US for me, and I was amazed. I’d definitely love to move there, you can feel a positive vibe in the air and people care so much more about your work. That city inspired me a lot, and I’m looking forward to play in America as well.