With the powerful ‘Alive’ still pounding round club floors, we decided to speak to one of its three creators, the talented Tom Swoon – who hails from Poland and is at a very exciting point in his career.

What was it like teaming up with Sonny Noto & Ale Q for your latest single?

Even though we worked on the project online by sending the stems back and forth, the whole process was so smooth it felt like we’re sitting in one room!

Did you realise when you started the track it would end up a country-crossing collaboration?

For me, almost every project I’m working on becomes at some point something different than initially planned, and I find it pretty exciting to be able to work with people from all around the world and speak the same language – music!

How long did ‘Alive’ take to write in total?

I believe it took us something between 1-2 months, and a big part of that was when we were sending stems between each other.

How do you find the progressive house scene at the moment?

I feel the wind of change! Not so long ago, I got the impression that there were a few too many similar tracks coming out from everywhere – something like “Epic Mashleg”, but the “Melodic Edition”… I’m already working on developing my sound in the studio – with all the other great artists on the scene, I’m really excited to see where mine goes!

Which artists are you playing out regularly at the moment?

I always love to play stuff from DallasK, Volt & State, Matisse & Sadko!

Pick up ‘Alive’ here.