Bass: We love it, you love it, we all love it. The added sensory input of actually feeling music is what drives much of the experience in dance culture. You may have read about SubPac’s collaboration with Peugeot for the ultimate automotive experience, or but they’re not stopping at seatback subwoofers. Just in time for the holidays, they’ve improved on their proprietary M1 model, and packaged the technology into a more streamlined, form-fitting backpack design. Now, you can cruise around covertly tingling your body’s aural G-spot and no one will even know… We’re just waiting for someone to introduce festival connectivity for these incredible devices. Here’s what SubPac CEO John Alexiou has to say about the new model:

“We are on a mission to introduce the physical dimension of music and sound to the world. With the SubPac M2, we have created the most immersive wearable audio experience to date. Anyone can now experience audio the way the creator intended – full immersion, anywhere, anytime.”

If it’s good enough for bass master Excision to prepare for his 150,000 watt sets, I’m sold. Head over to SubPac’s website for more info, and click here to pre-order the M2 now for the earlybird special of only $379.