Shifty Rhythms member Hex Cougar is back with a mind-blowing cover, taking you on a dark sonic journey full of different sounds. Hex chose to cover none other than the dark king himself, Gesaffelstein. He’s taken “Hellifornia” and turned it into a trapped-out masterpiece dubbed “Hexifornia”, adding his own West-Coast flair while still maintaining Gesa’s overall vibe.

Hex Cougar starts things off with Gesa’s main melody, re-creating the iconic gliding synth and pulsing bass from “Hellifornia.” A number of effects help distinguish it from the original, giving it just the right amount of originality. Maintaining Gesa’s synth throughout, Hex then takes complete creative control of the track, reworking the rest of it to fit his own style of production. Expertly sampled in is Trina’s last verse from “Don’t Trip“; her flow matches perfectly with Hex’s production. This was a perfect addition that brings an unprecedented amount of hype to the track. A chilled-out interlude offers a break from the preceding chaos, before leading into a whole new feel for the song. The perfect amount of future-esque sounds are added to the mix, resulting in groovy finish that’s sure to please.

This comes just in time for Halloween, and what’s darker than a bass-y rework of Gesaffelstein? Here’s what Hex had to say:

Since Halloween is coming up I wanted create a song that really embodied the darkness of the season, and no one does that better in my opinion than Gesaffelstein. I chose to do a cover of ‘Hellifornia’ because the song is a perfect balance between his style and my own, especially as an LA producer.

Stream the track below and click HERE to download for free!