In a recent interview with BillboardValeria Lukyanova, better known as Space Barbie, shared some details about her upcoming DJ tour/meditative mission. Famous for her insanely Barbie-esque appearance, this model/DJ is here to prove that she’s not another Paris Hilton.

I’m an unusual girl, [but] If I can be a reason for people to learn more about spiritual paths, I’m ready!

This is the main statement behind her new world tour. It’s not meant to be your average rave, but rather a transformative experience that should lead you into an emotional state of trance. How successful this will be in practice is a whole different story, but at least we know she has some reputable talent supporting her. She has teamed up with fellow Ukrainian Sender, an award-winning producer and songwriter with 15 years of industry experience. Speaking about Sender, Valeria had this to say:

I like his taste and trust him 100 percent. Eugene is very a spiritual guy, and we understand each other. At the same time, he has been around since the beginning of the rise of EDM, even for some time before, so he knows [the industry]

Hopefully he’s a good teacher too, as he showed her how to properly mix and is helping her produce original tracks. The two have plans for a full-length album, but it may not be what you expected. Like her tour this album will aim to be a meditative piece, with Valeria singing in ancient languages that will supposedly aid in relaxation:

When I’m singing, it’s like a deep trance for me. Music will help people relax and take a journey into their hidden places inside. I hope it feels for them like something familiar but forgotten. You need to close your eyes and go deep within, like nothing exists but you and the music.

Pretty deep stuff. Check out her debut single below titled “Jack Your Barbie” and see if she has achieved her goal. While I don’t find it trance-inducing, it does have a bit of groove to it that some people might dig.