Back in June, we reported on a festival in Iceland that would cost you $200,000 for a VIP experience. At the time, we thought it was pretty absurd and that nothing and no one would ever realistically purchase such an obviously overpriced ticket.

We might have been wrong… someone just stepped it up.

The Bureau, a new festival out of Melbourne in Australia, is touting a $375,000 price tag for its own VIP experience. But are the amenities worth the price? Let’s examine.

According to Tonedeaf,

A cool $375,000, will apparently get you flown in via private jet with 10 of your closest friends. You’ll be staying at the “luxurious” Crown Towers and will attend The Bureau with access to a VIP corporate marquee.

After the festival concludes, you and your guests will then be treated to “a luxury private premium booth at one of Melbourne’s hottest night clubs”, Ms. Collins.

You’ll be treated to an all-transfer inclusive trip during the weekend with luxury SUVs and Mercedes-Benz vans, as well as 24-hour concierge support by Global Concierge Service.

To conclude your experience, you’ll be taken on a scenic helicopter tour of the Yarra Valley, including lunch at Yering Station, along with a dinner at a premium Melbourne restaurant.

Before jetting back home, you and your 10 friends will enjoy a VIP shopping tour of an undisclosed shopping location and receive a premium cocktails package at Bond Bar.

Now… is that worth $375,000??? Tonedeaf gives us a good comparison, stating that “a flight into outer freaking space with Virgin Galactic ran the first round of passengers about $200,000 each for a ticket.” [emphasis added]

So for the price of one VIP ticket to The Bureau, you can almost get two people into outer space. I don’t know about you, but that choice is pretty freaking clear to me.


via Tonedeaf