With the growth of EDM comes mainstream media’s attempt to brand it and sell it to a bigger audience, but despite the genre’s popularity, many of these efforts have failed. The Zac Efron-lead We Are Your Friends film about an aspiring DJ bombed horribly, and the American adaptation of reality DJ competition One Shot, featuring Tiësto, received scathing reviews.

Another reality show centered on competing DJs, this one produced by American Idol alumnus Simon Cowell, was scheduled to air online via Yahoo in the coming months. However, Yahoo announced today they cancelled the DJ reality show along with other upcoming content. Yahoo chief financial officer Ken Goldman went on record to cite lack of potential revenue from their planned shows, stating the following:

“What we concluded is [that] certain of our original video content, we couldn’t see a way to make money over time.”

Still, we cannot help but consider Yahoo’s decision coming after related ventures failed to capitalize upon EDM’s success. Simon Cowell’s DJ show could very well find new life through a new network, but its cancellation bodes poorly for future EDM-centered programs.

H/T: The Verge