I can’t say that many remixes or bootlegs have surfaced to bend and twist the debut Kill The Noise album Occult Classic. However, a young producer from San Francisco has decided to take the album’s big single “Kill It 4 The Kids” and give it a huge facelift. Known as Niramo, taking this trap anthem and giving it a “TWRK edit” is the set up to quite the challenge. However after hearing his collaborative remix of DVBBS and Joey Dale‘s “Deja Vú” from last year, I had to check out what his sound has changed into since.

Niramo gives his edit an huge bpm change and a lengthy intro to build up to the screaming singing of AWOLNATION‘s lead singer Aaron Bruno. The song drop into an arsenal of sharp plucks and mean basslines while keeping the Kill The Noise sound as support beams. Bass booming, ground shaking madness continues as things jump straight into the second drop and the plucks change pitch and pattern.

If there’s a solid remix of new material from Kill The Noise, take a look at Niramo’s SoundCloud and see what else he’ll make in the near future.