Producer Kayjo has joined forces with vocalist RahRah The Savage this week for something special. In addition to the release of their original track “Trophy,” a smooth hip hop/R&B club heater, they’ve also made the song’s stems available to the public. By creating a remix and sending it in to Kayjo, fans have the chance to be included in a remix EP hosted by Too Future and Run The Trap. To download the stems and get started on your own flip, click here. For a free download of the track itself, go here.

“Trophy” begins with tonal flutters and the introductory vocals from RahRah. After a quick swell of white noise and a snare roll, the song’s rhythm emerges and fuels the climb to the drop. The beat quickly turns into a half-time hip hop swayer complete with rolling hi hats and chants on the twos and fours. The vocals are the main centerpiece throughout the track, and carry the accompanying melody until its close.

Download the track for free here!