Producer LIONE has just made a name for himself with his first release on Soundcloud, in the form of an uplifting future bass remix of Jack Ü and Justin Bieber‘s “Where Are Ü Now.” With unique vocal edits and a full, weighty sonic atmosphere behind it, LIONE is able to recreate the feeling first experienced upon listening to the track’s original version when it initially was released. His remix is currently available for free download here.

The track begins with a vocal loop and shiny stabs of synth above a light hi hat arrangement and resting background tones. Soon, the verse leads into a steady climb that reaches its peak with a tight tom fill. Wide waves of layered synths characterize the drop, alongside delicate vocal chops and a heavy snare hit. Cascading arpeggios are later introduced above the mix, until the vocaloided lyrics are all that remain. The rise begins once again, breaking back through to the previous drop.

Download the track for free here!