Constantly pushing boundaries and making way for his own, highly stylised form of bass is LAXX. Since bursting onto the scene a few years back, he has worked harder and harder to ensure his productions truly make an impact and make fans think and experience something different. After a brief solo production hiatus, LAXX returns to Never Say Die this week, clutching his brand new TWITCH Pt.1 EP.

Spanning three tracks instead of its usual format of four, this step in a fresh direction for the UK artist is undoubtedly going to cause another stir. As you begin to wrap your ears around the stammering, stuttering title track, you are led into ‘430’, a more melodic led cut made with Mayhem. Finishing off this series of explosions comes ‘Come 2 Me’, the pinnacle of the whole affair that slurs, drawls and drones its way to completion.

We’re digging this – as you are likely to. Pick it up here.