Weather has boned one too many a festivals this year, and whatever rave deities exist decided that enough is enough. This weekend, on Day 2 of EDC Orlando, staff were preparing to evacuate attendees to shelter, as it seemed an impending storm was gearing to muddle Insomniac’s party plans… But then it happened! Smiling gloriously upon all that is PLUR, the storm parted, literally through the middle, missing the festival by about 15 miles to either side.

Lauren Coakley of aLIVE Coverage was able to capture the event beautifully in this composite photo, bringing Insomniac’s motto to life as attendees danced under the Electric Sky. Have a look at Pasquale Rotella’s post below, and check out the radar image of the storm to understand just how close it came.

??⚡️? (Day 2: Approx 10:30pm) We were prepared to move everyone at #EDCOrlando to a safe covered area because of a large…

Posted by Pasquale Rotella on Monday, November 9, 2015

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