In the wake of Mad Decent Boat Party, attendees are awash with a myriad of emotions. Very likely, they might find themselves conflicted – a good time was had, but at what cost? 24-year-old Kaylyn Rose Sommer jumped off the ship on Thursday night, and her body remains missing. For friends and family, this has been one of the toughest weeks of their lives.

However, for the couple thousand others on the boat, it was difficult to let the tragedy of one person taint what should have been a magical journey. For some, it still was.

Take the case of Greg and Ashley, who were engaged on the ship. Bright and sunny day with friends and acquaintances all around, and a well-executed proposal, it’s a picture-perfect day.

We must remind ourselves that as difficult as it may seem, life goes on. For Greg and Ashley, there will be a wedding in the future. For Kaylyn’s family, the future seems much more bleak. But the whole concept of #shipfam is that of family, and I’m sure that they will make it through this ordeal with the help of others.


Photo cred: Live Edits Lab