Kayzo and Sullivan King, two of the hardest artists to ever come out of Icon Collective. Apart, they have dominated their respective scenes: Kayzo and his #Doghouse blend of trap, hardstyle and dubstep have become an absolute phenomenon; Sullivan King and his #KingArmy on the other hand have focused on infusing bass music with actual bass guitar and bass pedals, à la metal.

Together, they create a mindbending tune called “Till We Die,” out now on Harder With Style. The influences from each artist are clearly recognizable, with hardstyle drops and a glorious metal breakdown toward the end.

Listen below, since I can’t even begin to accurately describe the madness within.

Spotify: hws.dj/hws029-sp
Beatport: hws.dj/hws029-bp
Youtube: hws.dj/hws029-yt