Casual dance music fans may look at the genre and at festivals, like EDC Las Vegas and Ultra Music Festival, as nothing but a channel for the young generation to party, but – perhaps ironically – Hardwell is changing that perception. There’s no denying that the Dutch dance titan is one of the biggest artists in the world, earning headlining gigs at festivals all around the globe and championing his signature sound with his Revealed Recordings imprint. Now, Hardwell is using his massive reach to make a real difference in the world, starting with the launch of his United We Are Foundation, which strives to provide education to impoverished children all over the world, and his “World’s Biggest Guest List” show in Mumbai.

On December 13th, Hardwell will be returning to Mumbai for a very special show that will celebrate the launch of his charitable organization. The Revealed Recordings boss will not receive any fees for playing the show, rather he will pass along all proceeds to set up a magic bus educational program for 3,000 of India’s youth. Alongside the launch of his charity, Hardwell is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for “world’s biggest guest list,” as he is opening up his personal guest list to 100,000 fans to attend the show for free.

Registration for the world’s biggest guest list was opened on December 8th, and pledging to the United We Are Foundation is now open. Hardwell has already reached his target goal to educate the 3,000 Indian children, but all donations to the cause are still welcome here.