In the weeks that have followed the tragic incident aboard Mad Decent Boat Party‘s 2015 voyage, we’ve heard very little from the group of artists that were scheduled to perform. Besides Jauz‘s recent heartfelt message to Kaylyn Sommer and her family, the performers have chosen to leave us with relative silence on the events that took place.

Last night however, Skrillex finally decided to break the trend with a short statement made to TMZ after the AMAs.

“Things happen. And on cruise ships a lot of times there’s 3,000 people, and something really awful happens and you have the rest of the people who paid like all of their money to have an amazing weekend. And it’s something, like, bad things happen all over the world. And it’s something that none of us ever foresaw or would’ve ever wanted to be a part of. And it affected all of us so much, and it’s not something that we want to be sensationalized, and the reason I’m talking to you [TMZ] is because no one’s answered this question before.”

Clearly, those onboard the ship have yet to fully recover from the shock and despair. In what appears to be his first and last word on the matter, Skrillex has delicately revealed the effects the tragedy has had on he and his fellow performers.


Source: TMZ