When Option4 & MANIK joined forces to create the brand new powerhouse 909 Til Infinity their primary objective was to make the dopest house possible… and dope it is.

Both producers have earned their laurels creating organic club destroyers with a wildly creative House Music flair. United, they’ve turned up the heat. So without further ado, I’d like to intro you to the first of many fire records from 909 Til Infinity, the Bee-Dee EP. This EP is absolute fire and comes dressed in the ’90s era Hornet’s color regalia.

Let’s kick the B-side first, Dee.

Dee’s got some downright nasty drums, fully driving in every respect, from the stompy underkick to the rolls, to percussion groove, it’s dance bliss. The bassline throbs under the track’s namesake vocal sample, while a higher pluck line rounds out the spectrum. Good stuff here especially if you “ain’t no husband!” Dope stuff here.

909 Til Infinity – Dee (Original Mix) [Psycho Disco]

Bee really shines here as the EP’s single. There’s a vaguely Dirtybird vibe goin’ on in this tune, but it’s definitely in a league of its own. The track’s vocal sample is a bad ass big distorted ‘Bee’ and absolutely drives the creative backbone of this track. The arrangement is insanely clever with a immensely dope breakdown with a cacophony of analog slides and bass rumbles. Do yourself a favor and put this shit on repeat. Peep it below and be sure to keep up with 909 Til Infinity as they begin their quest to making the most gangster house ever conceived. Out now via Treasure Finger’s label, Psycho Disco!


909 Til Infinity – Bee (Original Mix) [Psycho Disco]

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