December is here and many of us are left wondering “How did this year go by so fast?”… at least I know I am! But thats not the only thing on people’s minds around this time, as it’s no small feat finding the perfect party to ring in the New Year. Don’t worry if you are still trying to figure out plans because we here at YourEDM are here to help.

Once again we’re teaming up with React Presents to bring you another fantastic giveaway for their newest event, Reaction New Years Eve! This time around one lucky winner will be receiving a pair of VIP tickets to the 2-day event, and as an added bonus you and a friend will have a chance to get pampered with Cherub on December 30th with the amazing and talented Dr. Charlie.

While Cherub prepares for their set with band chiropractor,Dr. Charlie Kautz, winners will be treated with professional massages by Noelle Nikolas and stories from the road.

Dr. Charlie Kautz "Musician's Physician – Epic Performance Promo Video from Charlie Kautz on Vimeo.

Dr. Charlie, known in the industry as the “Musician’s Physician”, is a chiropractor who has provided specialized treatment protocols for thousands of professional touring musicians before they perform in order to free the body and mind and allow them to focus on what’s important – THE MUSIC — a uniquely trailblazing artist hospitality service.

A winner will get a pair (2) of VIP tickets to both days of Reaction NYE (Dec 30th and 31st) and on the 30th they … in Giveaways on LockerDome

With only 26 days left until the event kicks off, it’s time to really start building the excitement and React know’s how to do just that – especially with their new announcement of Reactions Arcade Stage, which is even more of a reason to want to enter our contest! The Arcade Stage is a nostalgic nod to video arcades from our childhood, and a fun way to bet your friends can’t beat you in a game of air hockey!

For more information or to buy tickets (incase you don’t want to risk not attending) you can go to the Reaction website.