What better way to cap off an amazing year for Eclypse Records, than with a compilation of all their tunes! The combo of Feenixpawl (Josh Soon & Aden Forté) & Jason Forté has been incredibly successful since launching the label back in April. In just a few short months, the trio have already made a name for themselves as quality label owners; their first release – Feenixpawl’s  “Ghosts” ft. Melissa Ramsay – just recently went to #1 on BPM. The news comes at the perfect time, as Eclypse is ready to put out their first compilation. Comprised of 14 tracks, Eclypse Records Volume One features not only the label’s first eight releases, but also six never before heard tunes that you can listen to for the first time right here on Your EDM (full tracklist below). ER:Vol 1 includes some of your favorites like Ken Loi, BYNON, and Michael Brun, but also introduces to some new names like Courtland, Decolt, Aurum, and more. The full compilation is in stores tomorrow, December 18.


Noizy Mark – Vesper
Marcus Santoro – Dawn
Jason Forté – Valleyheart
Digital Junkiez, Lida & Find Out – Goodbye
Dirtywork – In My Dreams ft. Dominique
Jegers & Jean Beatz – Illusion
Square Factory – Reflectors
Feenixpawl – Ghosts ft. Melissa Ramsay
BYNON & Adam + Luwiss – Lyon
Feenixpawl & Jason Forté – Blue Sky ft. Mary Jane Smith
Decolt – More Funk
Ken Loi & Marcio Lama – Scars ft. Binks
Courtland – Restless Heart
Corey James & Joakim Molitor – Morning Sun
Def Rock – Aurum