Closing out the year in a big way is Brooklyn’s own Mark the Beast. This bass producer fell on our radar earlier this year with “Carcosa,” a monster collab with Dieselboy, Downlink, and Mayhem. Now he returns for his own EP Life After Death, a 3-track collection that really showcases his dubstep skills.

The heavy rap-fueled “Get It Crackin'” ft. Angelo Mota is the lead single from Life After Death, and is now available as a free download on Soundcloud as a gift from Mark to his fans. Like many bass tracks, hard rap lyrics sync perfectly with the energy of the track to really get listeners fired up.

But almost immediately, Mark The Beast switches it up and lays down a dark, glitchy track “Her Name Is.” This is the kind of track you play when your heart rate needs to come down for just a few minutes in the middle of a ridiculous set. Even if you’re not a fan of bass music, all music fans should be able to respect how well Mark The Beast composes “Her Name Is,” and should definitely start here on the EP if you need to ease into bass music.

Closing things out is “Live My Life” ft. Deeno, a purely anthemic track for anyone who’s a true basshead. It’s easily to sing along to, especially with that infectious, high-pitched “Let me live my” vocal loop before the bass drop. The live drums are definitely the highlight of the track, in case any producers need a lesson on how to successfully infuse live instruments into their music.

Life After Death is out now on iTunes.