Night Bass has become one of the most notorious parties in the Los Angeles area and now, with the Night Bass vibe in full effect around the nation, they’ve expanded their monthly to a touring event, music imprint, as well as expanding their roster of artists. This music has been without a doubt one of the heartbeat of the underground, driving new artists to push boundaries with every show and every release and this one is, without question, one of their strongest EP’s yet. Stranger hasn’t been around long but his impact has can already be felt in the realm of house music. After coming in hot with some solid beats earlier in the year and his At Night EP, Stranger is back with his sophomore EP on Night Bass Records. Stranger’s House Party EP is definitely one of the heavier, groovier releases that Night Bass has come out with recently. The title track, “House Party ft. Waka Flocka Flame” features vocals from rapper Waka Flocka and an epic housey breakbeat. More notable tracks include “Wait A Minute”, another breakbeat filled groove with dark reese basses and killer vocal snippits, and “Then I Bounce”, a four-on-the-floor house track that really gives the EP that embodiment of the Night Bass vibe.