Whats up fellow bassheads! Long time no read, yeah? Holidays have definitely had us busy these past weeks, but we wanted to give you guys one more episode of WCW before the year closes – even if it means throwing one up from the media tent at Snowglobe. Now, that being said, this week’s episode is going to be a little different as we are on the road. This week we are all about the music, and luckily, there is a f*ckton to check out. Below you will find some of our favorite west coast tunes from the past month or so; no descriptions, just Soundcloud tracks and clickable artist names.

This collection of grimey speaker smashers and sky-touchers we’ve put together for you is guaranteed to keep your new years lit af. Even if you’re not out there partying with the rest of us filthy animals at the dawn of the new year, we still hold faith you can dig this monster of a tracklist. We’ll see all of you next year!

Maybe even with a new mix series too. (Oops did I say that?) 😀

Dabow x Noer The Boy



Herzeloyde x Tsuruda


Goldplate x Protohype

Jackal Guest Mix

12th Planet x Loudpvck

Goldplate Remix

DonKong x Fistacuffs


Josh Pan Ft. Medasin, Xian, Gaszia


Happy New Year Bass Family!