Over the past five years, YouTube channels have grown to be an integral part of the dance music culture. Without them, the music landscape would not be the same as it is today. These tastemakers share and promote up and coming tracks as well as household name artists to their subscribers on a consistent basis. The channels themselves even have their own personality through the style of music and the community of users who listen to and comment on each song.

First off we will look at the emerging channels that you should keep your eyes out for in 2016 and then dive into the big names of the YouTube EDM scene. This list is not in a particular order so do not take it as a ranking.

Top Emerging Channels to look out for in 2016:

1. CloudKid

CloudKid has exploded into the scene being one of the fastest growing channels currently with hard hitting Trap and Future tracks.

2. WaveMusic

WaveMusic promotes a varied selection of tracks mainly focusing on chilled tracks as well as Progressive House. Many of the songs include relaxing vocals, both male and female, that will set up a perfect playlist for anything from work and studying to enjoying the day.

3. xKito

xKito shares tracks of varied genres and anime themed wallpapers with the genre in the title so you are sure not to miss your favorite [insert your genre of choice here] track!


4. GalaxyMusic

GalaxyMusic travels across space and time and uploads anything from Melodic Dubstep to House that will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

5. NikCooper

Good day sir! NikCooper shares a varied genre of tracks from Trance to Hardstyle in a gentlemanly fashion.

6. Future House Music

As the name would suggest, Future House Music specializes in finding the best up-and-coming future house in the game.

7. Ninety9Lives

Ninety9Lives is a record label created by SSundee less than 5 months ago and provides any easy license for use in Twitch and YouTube videos.

8. Tasty

Tasty is an electronic label that supports artists of varying genres with a slick and clean video layout.

9. Selected

Selected is a Deep House-based channel, as well as a record label.

10. Wobblecraft

Need some wubs in your life? Wobblecraft has you covered with some hard-hitting dubstep tracks.

Take a look at our picks for Top Channels on the next page.

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