Top Channels:

1. Proximity

Uploading the biggest of progressive house tracks, Proximity provides user made wallpapers paired with songs nominated for Grammy’s!

2. Majestic Casual

There was a scare recently with Majestic Casual almost being taken down, but fortunately it is back and still providing us with chill music to hang out to!

3. MrSuicideSheep

Sheepy delivers time after time with melodic tracks ranging in genres across the board.

4. La Belle Musique

La Belle shares Deep House and chill tracks with vibrant background. They are officially on Spotify with their own playlists for off-YouTube listening.

5. TheSoundYouNeed

TheSoundYouNeed shares Future House tracks, and makes their own collection CDs. They even host events!

6. Monstercat

Monstercat has helped artists such as Krewella, Vicetone, and The Pegboard Nerds launch into the spotlight. They release great music and just released their 25th compilation album.

7. NoCopyrightSounds

NCS only releases songs that can be used without a need for a license. That means you don’t need to worry about copyright when using any song from NCS.

8. Trap Nation

One of the biggest names in Trap music, Trap Nation is even sponsoring San Holo’s tour and just hit 4 million subscribers.

9. TrapCity

TrapCity also shares trap, as the name suggests. They also have a record label called brednbutter.

10. UKF Dubstep

If you’re looking for a dubstep channel on YouTube, then UKF is the obvious first choice. They’ve been in the game for longer than most labels you see today, and they’re better at it, too.


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