UPDATE: We’ve learned that the performance in the original version of this article was nearly two years old, and we’ve found a more recent video that more accurate portrays Dextrous One‘s current skill.

The longer video features more transitions, and some scratching. As for his instructor’s claim of being “better than a lot of adult DJs he has come in contact with,” I suppose it all depends on what DJs he’s come into contact with. Compared to most professional touring DJs that we cover, it’s more accurate to say that Dextrous One has a bright future ahead of him.

9-year-old Dextrous One, real name Brandan Duke, wants to be the World’s Youngest DJ. At only 6 years old, Brandan was already DJing at clubs in his local Toronto. His age isn’t his only draw, either; his instructor, Francis Felice, says the young DJ is a natural and that “he is probably better than a lot of adult DJs he has come in contact with.”

“I just like to make people dance … to see the energy coming back from people,” Brandan said. “It’s just an awesome feeling.”

Brandan currently holds the record for world’s youngest club DJ, as noted in Guinness. Unfortunately for Brandan, a 3-year-old DJ just won South Africa’s Got Talent, so the competition is probably fierce.


Source | H/T EDM Tunes