Hey guys, he’s back.

The producer behind a couple of the most iconic electro/prog songs of the past decade has been on hiatus for the past couple of years due to recurring health issues surrounding heart problems he has had while on tour. However, despite his absence on the road, the American producer has been busy behind the scenes working on his third full-length album.

The still-untitled album will be released January 29, and he’s already getting a ton of support from other producers.

New album is called 10 Ways to Steal Home Plate. 1.29.16

Posted by Wolfgang Gartner on Monday, January 11, 2016

And if you forgot, we’ve already heard the first single.

Those of you expecting a return to form might be disappointed, though. Based on the sound of “Turn Up,” this is a side of Wolfgang that we haven’t really seen yet. And there’s no doubt that a two-year hiatus would create some interesting developments in production style and influence.

Regardless, we’re more than a little excited to see the return of one of the greats. 2016 is already looking really, really big for dance music.