With each passing generation, Apple has been slowly hacking away at their devices to make them thinner and ever more minimalistic. So it comes as no surprise that Apple devices in 2016 will be lacking a little something we’ve all come to take for granted, but guess what isn’t making the cut on the ‘s’? An inside source has revealed to Fast Company that the device will not be outfitted with a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack.


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Answering consumers’ plights to make everything smaller, faster, and generally better, the new iPhone is reported to support wireless charging and tout waterproof durability, in addition to being noticeably thinner. And in a bold statement, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is being tossed in favor of utilizing the phone’s lightning port.

First, the tech giant opted to exclude disc drives from their MacBooks, an acceptable modification because… flash drives. Then news came of their decision whittle their MacBook even further, including a singular USB-C port. Okay, not a huge inconvenience, we just have to carry a dongle around for multiple ports and even though it’s a bit outlandish, we can still get behind it. But this?! It’s borderline treason to all those who ride a bus to work, walk to class, and really anyone that enjoys listening to music while on the move. Sure, wireless headphones have been gaining prominence, but this is an uncomfortable prod to accept the technology. While we’re certain plenty of adapters will become available to mitigate any headaches, it remains to be seen whether excluding a headphone jack is a visionary risk or a shot to the foot.

And we hate to say we told you so

If you’d like to sign a petition to let Apple know you’re against the decision, you can do so here. It already has over 200,000 signatures.


H/T Fast Company