In this day and age, it’s undeniable that dance music DJs are the current generation’s rock and roll stars. From selling out the largest venues and festival grounds around the world to earning as much as some of the world’s wealthiest CEOs, it’s no surprise that many of the most well known names are making tens of millions of dollars each year. Their yearly income, however, is a very different thing from their overall value as public figures. For superstars like Calvin Harris, these figures even reach into the hundreds of millions.

Red Bulletin‘s culture section recently crunched the numbers for six of the most talked about producer/DJs currently in the game, and the results are staggering.

Coming in with the highest public worth is, of course, Calvin Harris. At $160 million, it’s safe to say he won’t be worrying about paying rent for quite awhile. With over 13m likes on Facebook and a moderately heavy performance schedule (77 shows last year), he looks to be continuing to maintain his strong presence within the community without fault.

Everyone’s favorite cake-throwing, mophead Steve Aoki finds his own value at around $55 million, “just” $2 million more than Deadmau5. To Joel’s credit though, Aoki played 143 shows in 2015 while he only performed 34 times.

Next up is Skrillex, with a $36 million public value and 19m likes on Facebook. He played over 80 shows last year, which was nothing compared to his 322 in 2011 – though that’s more likely due to his bookings in 2015 as Jack Ü. Speaking of which, Skrillex’s value more than doubles Diplo‘s, which rests at $15 million.

Finally, techno-grandfather Richie Hawtin‘s worth is estimated at $9 million. Even though he played more shows than Skrillex in 2015, at 82, the numbers clearly reveal the public’s stronger affection for bass music and the more mainstream genres at this point in time.

Finally we have Annie Mac, radio DJ and acclaimed talent-finder. Although she wasn’t given a public value, her inclusion in the list is just as important as the rest. By creating trends and seeking out the up-and-comers to be, she has undoubtedly made vast impacts on the scene.

To learn more about each of these DJs, visit Red Bulletin‘s page here.


Source: Red Bulletin