It’s hard to forget a producer with a name like Gunkst, and with the massive display of filth unveiled in “Jorts,” it’s arguably harder to forget his talent. The certified trap lord, a Denver-native, has been releasing tracks for over two years now. Although his Bodied EP unleashed mayhem on my speakers, I truly believe this absolute masterwork has taken the title as his magnum opus.

The track opens with a muffled synth that you will quickly get used to, as it’s used in every measure up until the final drop. A futuristic filter sweep rolls in at about fifteen seconds, causing you to wonder where the track is heading. Although it may not utilize the hackneyed percussion patterns of today’s EDM, the build creates a sense of immense anticipation with a spacious female cry layered over a crisp snare roll. A distorted sub-bass hits, as the synth melody varies slightly to provide all-out chaos.

It’s no surprise that Gunkst has been making waves in the DJing world as well, with a recent performance at the renowned superfestival: Decadence. This piece of utter grandeur is perfect proof of his boundless talent, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him all over festival lineups in 2016.

Available for Free Download here!